Natural Dye Reviews

Hi Lynn

Just wanted to write you a note to let you know about the great response I have had using your dyes. Just finished a sale yesterday and all the fleece that I dyed using your natural dyes sold out by noon. People just loved the colours and the fact that they were plant based. I also gave your name to quite a few people who expressed interest in trying your dye kits. Thanks again for the wonderful product and I have also ordered another dye kit because I am all out!

Chris Bottomley

Hi Lynn

I am LOVING my dye kit! So far I have dyed roving using the blood red, eco orange and navy blue dyes. Today I used the desert black and got the most interesting multicolored roving, it ranges from steel gray to almost aquamarine green with some shades of purple, really amazing I love it! My composition sheet doesn't list what is in the desert black, can you tell me so I can add it to my notes in the event someone asks me?

I'll definitely be placing an order for more of these amazing dyes, such a fantastic product!


Joy Hayworth

Fabulosity Yarn

HelloI want to thank personally for the dye kit you offer. I've been busy using it since it arrived and the colours are gorgeous. All I think about now is plant dyes and wool. I'm sooo glad I can finally dye indigo and green colours without the long vat method; I had no idea it was possible. Thank you very very much :)


Etsy Customer

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Blue Castle Fiber Arts is a small on-line fiber arts business and importer of natural dyes from India. We are located on the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

This website focuses on our easy-to-use natural dyes and you will find plenty of information about them and how to use them. You can also visit our supplier's website here: Sam Vegetable Colours.